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Exidy Sorcerer

Exidy ROM PAC for Sorcerer computer
ROM PAC replica - Standard Basic
Price : € 65.00
Exidy Sorcerer ROM PAC replica, most wanted!
Toshiba Satellite Pro 4290
Price : € 30.00 € 15.00 (-50%)

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4290, working, no hard disk, no battery and no power supply. Very good state, with Window98SE licence.

CPU Mobile Intel® Celeron® 550 MHz, front side bus 100 MHz.

Expandable memory, CD rom, floppy drive, Audio Sound Blaster Pro, built-in speakers, external volume control. Video S3 Savage IX with dedicated video RAM.

Interfaces: USB, IrDA, audio, 2 x PCMCIA, serial, parallel, video VGA, video TV, external keyboard and mouse, modem V90.

Fair grey case, with bright lcd display TFT  14"1 (1.024 x 768 x 16,7 mililons colors) at little price.

Electroluminescent panel EL backlight
Price : € 2.50
EL panel NEW, adhesive back, you can cut it to make cools light signs. Need an inverter to glow up.
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It's used material selled or swapped from a private, very limited qty, garage sale like!
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