Materiale elettronico usato, surplus militare e civile, retrocomputers.
Materiale in limitata quantitą. In genere un pezzo per tipo, le foto sono degli oggetti reali.

Dear friend,
I'm a radio amateur, I have the hobby to collect old radios and electronic and scientific thinghs, but money is an issue. So I have even buyed what is 'a remainder': the electronic surplus inventory military and/or goverment / industrial.

Now, as time passes, the old military surplus became an elite's hobby! But fortunately on the 'market' are coming the computers. So I have started to collect some (many) things, so many, that now I don't know how to store it... This is why I have started this journey, I'm still writing myself this shop site, I have found a free host with good features, as my philosophy say.

Even this site can appear as a professional eCommerce site, it is'nt! I have enjoyed to make one 'something professional', but I'm a simple, common person, as you, reader. And as a simple, common person, I'm selling my spare things for money or swap. You can, of course, tell me your opinions or requests or anything you want.

Any item is described as best I can, with photos of the actual item offered. The material is used, obsolete, good for collectors or to enjoy technology at low cost. I don't put it on eBay (a.k.a. feeBay ...) since I need to keep low my selling cost. If you desire to know more, or you have any other info to ask, please write me a simple email.
Below I have written some frequently asked questions. Good read!


Here is the world map to see where I have shipped something. It's automatically updated when an order is placed and shipped. This is to see how many distict countries I have worked, it the ham spirit of contests! ^_^

Paesi in cui ho spedito qualcosa
I miei clienti in Europa I miei clienti nel Mondo

  Use this site is EASY and SURE

1- Browse and choose your item from the catalogue, pushing the yellow button on the item detailed description.
2- When you have choosed your items, please click the edit shopping cart in the mini-cart to the right side of all page
3- Check the item's data and your shipping info. Thess data will be used only for item's ship and will not be used for any other purpose. Please also to use a valid email address since this is the only way I have to communicate. If the email address is invalid or unreachable the order will be cancelled. You can excuse me for this, but I don't need time or money waste...
4- Read carefully selling conditions and shipping and accept it before order confirmation! You will receive a copy of the order you made in your email.
5- If you want to use PayPal, you will be redirected direclty to PayPal official site. If you don't want to use PayPal, you may use International money order or wire transfer, but you must wait my email with payment info. Shipping will be made next 3 working days.

With few Clicks you can save time and money and you have the opportunity to buy same old, hard to find material With eBay, service I don't want to use anymore, I have gained many feedbacks from all arount the world.
If you have others questions, please drop me a line: I will reply ASAP!

Here is a brief list of F.A.Q.


1- Do you use C.O.D.?

No, I cannot use COD for shipping, you must pay your items in advance.

2- I have ordered, but I don't have received confirmation email, waht next?

Check your mail server against spam fighter, maybe this have dropped the email in the spam pile. Verify your cart, maybe you don't have completed the checkout. Drop me a line, we will correct any mistake.

3- Do you sell internationally?

Yes, I sell my things woldwide, but please note that some items are very heavy and costly to ship. Shipping will be calculated automatically for item below 2 kg, more heavy shipping need to be calculated time to time.

4- How many cost shipment?

Shipping cost vary with weight and dimensions. For small things (2 kg max) I will use Registered air mail. More heavy things have to be evaluated time to time. I'll ship items ordered in 3 working days.

5- I have received the order, but I have made a mistake! What's next?

It's a problem... generally you must ship back things to me, then I re-ship to you, but this usually cost more than items shipped. I think this usually is not suitable... so please be careful with your order, in any case you must send back items at your expenses and you will be required to pay another shipping to you.

6- I cannot pay my item next 2 days, what can I do?

Please tell me! I don't have problems to extend payment dead-endline. Usually after two days your order will be automatically cancelled and items back in stock: online buying is a contract.

7- I must made a registration to Paypal? I don't want it!

I don't work for Paypal You can pay me even without register to PayPal.

8- I need some I cannot find on your site. Can you seek it?

I'm sorry, but I don't own a magic wand, I can made a try, but don't gurantee results.

9- Online prices are fixed ? May I have a discount?

I need money, but prices are not fixed, I also like to swap. To trade you can push the button 'Make an Offer'. Next I'll contact you for the trade.

10- I have received one gadget. It's a mistake?

No, I like to receive gifts, so I sometime made little gifts to my customers, related to order's entity. :-) but I cannot satisfy specific requests!

These are some of frequent questions buyers made me. I hope these are clear, plase also excuse me for my english: it's not my main language! If you want you can tell me about this site, tell me mistakes or simple a word: this is the best way to continue this work!


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