Used electronic goods, military radio surplus, retrocomputers.
Few items per type, generally one only. Photos of actual items.
Scientific, historic books, equipment's manuals, old magazines
Books, manuals, magazines
- 20 -
Scientific, programmable, office calculators
- 4 -
Keyboards, mouses, audio, lcd monitors, network, wireless, adapters
Computer accessories
- 9 -
Old, obsolete videogame consoles, others games
Consoles / Games
- 5 -
Home computer's IC, CPU, RAM, ULA, PLA, ROM, controllers, LCD and LED displays, step by step motors, electronic tubes, passive components
Electronic components
- 152 -
Electronic surplus equipments from government and civil agencies, radios
Goverment Surplus Radios
- 12 -
Radio surplus military and government
Military Radio Surplus
- 28 -
Part and accesssories for portable PC and notebooks. GS navigators, MP3 players
Notebook / Handheld / MP3 / GPS
- 14 -
Odd parts, optical, mechanic, strange things. Scientific instruments. Photo cameras. Electric and antenna items. Stationery.
Optical - Science - Electricity and Odd parts
- 5 -
Professional test equipments and weird electronic stuff, phone items
Professional surplus / test / phone
- 8 -
Used obsolete computers, parts and complete systems.
- 10 -
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