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Sega Saturn - Quake - PAL Game

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Sega Saturn - Quake - PAL Game Sega Saturn - Quake - PAL Game
Price : € 8.00 / Weight g. 300 / Qty: 1
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Original game, without original packing and instructions.Single player, FPS (first person shooter) . PAL. (minimum 15 years)

Sharpen that ax blade and get ready to chase demonic creatures in this first-person shooter. Creatures from different planes are infiltrating our world through "Slipgates," and only you can save it from falling into the hands of these bloodthirsty monsters. You can wield an ax or hurl the Thunderbolt the most formidable weapon in your arsenal as you travel through dark mazes, secret areas, and dangerous passageways. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and fight the good fight as you hack away at fiendish monsters! Special Features 25 levels, Clear and detailed sound effects, Consistent graphics and frame rate, two player battle mode, Cutomized controls

Used, 100% working no original package nor instruction sheet.

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It's used material selled or swapped from a private, very limited qty, garage sale like!
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