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Sega Saturn - Fifa 98 - PAL game Sega Saturn - Fifa 98 - PAL game
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Original game, with original packing and instructions. Max two player, Soccer. PAL. Italian.

As an excellent feature found in 95% if EA Sports' games (Road Rash, Rugby 2004 and some others being an exception), the auto-play feature is great, especially for soccer fans. Sometimes I just can't find a good match on FSC or ESPN, so I allow this game to substitute as a game. Though outdated by today's roster (for instance, David Beckham is off the English national team, and plays for Los Angeles instead of Manchester United today while in this game he's in England and on MU's team) the game has many pluses besides the trademarked auto-play. It's a vast improvement over FIFA 97 on any system and isn't far off from the PlayStation, N-64 and Windows 95 versions. The control is tight, and the sounds are in Dolby, the music rocks, the videos are dynamic and the commentary is excellent. In fact, if the game gets boring, the commentators talk about other things, even mentioning going to make some tea. The music deserves mention of it's own, making up for that crappy FIFA 97 stuff. Real people like Blur and their Song 2 plus others makes it a fun atmosphere to play in. If you just let the game sit on the options menu, the songs will cycle through. It's worth it.

Used, 100% working, with original packing and multi language instructions.

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