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Phone router Mitel SmarT-1

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Phone router Mitel SmarT-1
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Phone router Mitel Eurorouter SmarT-1, it can route your call thru many carriers to save time and money. It can be reprogrammed via DTMF phone or via internal modem. Features and specifications:

Remote Access

  • Call Home Interval Timer (Heartbeat)
  • Routing Statistics (Peg Count)
  • Programming Password Protection
  • Auto Answer

Search Facilities

  • Multiple Country Defaults
  • 1,000+ Search Table Entries
  • Call Barring Capability
  • Cost Centre Code & VPN Ability
  • 3 Search Table Sets

Dialing Rules

  • 8 Routes for different Carriers/Call Type
  • Single Stage Carrier Access (CLI)
  • Two Stage Carrier Access (PIN)
  • Programmable Tone Detection
  • Callback Capability with Disconnect
  • Will Function on PBX Extension
  • Drop & Resieze For Call Rerouting

Unit Size 141 x 141 x 49 mm

Item offered is working, with power supply, CDrom with programming manual and software.

For any other info you can see Programming manual

It's also ok for take-apart: it contain a DTMF decoder 8870 with xtal, microcontroller, RAM chip, many discrete components, connectors, etc...

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