Used electronic goods, military radio surplus, retrocomputers.
Few items per type, generally one only. Photos of actual items.
Books, magazines and manuals concerning agriculture, crops, plants, flowers and fruits, forestry and environmental sciences.
Books - Agricolture and Forest
- 0 -
Books and manuals of electronics, radio, circuits, data sheets and theory.
Books - Electronics and Radio
- 2 -
Books and manuals of Electrotechnical Science.
Books - Electrotechnical
- 1 -
Civil engineering, bridges, contructions. - Books and manuals
Books - Engineering - Constructions
- 2 -
Books and manuals of mechanics, technologies and technical drawings.
Books - Mechanic
- 7 -
Tech manuals and info about non military test equipments
Civil test equipments Infos
- 0 -
Retrocomputing books, infos, magazines
Computer books
- 5 -
Various old magazines. Electronics and science.
Electronic's Magazines
- 1 -
Tecnical manuals, info about civil, ham and government radio equipments
Goverment radios infos
- 0 -
Technical manuals ad infos about military test equipments
Military meters Infos
- 0 -
Technical info about military equiments
Military Radio Infos
- 1 -
Non electronic-related books
Others books
- 1 -

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