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Electronic components

Used electronic goods, military radio surplus, retrocomputers.
Few items per type, generally one only. Photos of actual items.
Vintege CPU for gold recycle or to collect it.
Collector's CPU
- 1 -
Generic connectors, tube sockets, IC sockets
Connectors and Sockets
- 4 -
Digital ICs, new and used
Digital IC
- 13 -
LCD and LED displays, alphanumeric and no, generic optoelectronics
Display, Optoelectronics
- 3 -
Military and civil electronic tubes. Audio, RF, MF, JAN
Electronic tubes
- 17 -
Linear ICs, used and new
Linear IC
- 47 -
Mcirocontrollers, carrier boards, single boards computers and accessories
Microcontrollers and accessories
- 1 -
Stepping motors, DC motors
- 0 -
Resistors, condenser, transformers, sockets, connectors and other stuff
Passive components
- 10 -
Commodore, Sinclair spare parts. CPU, RAM, ROM, ULA, TED, CIA, VIA, SIO, obsolete chip
Retrocomputers IC
- 73 -
Sensors, encoders
Sensors, Encoders
- 1 -
Flux, solder parts, accessories
Solder products
- 2 -
Transistors and Diodes
Transistors and Diodes
- 1 -

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