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Handy Radio CB Fanon T909 Handy Radio CB Fanon T909
Price : € 16.00 / Weight g. 1650 / Qty: 2
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Handy transceiver Fanon TR909, from '70, complete, working. Two radios available. In good conditions.

With power output / voltage meter, volume, squelch, energy save, delta freq., PA function. Sockets for power supply, external antenna, external mike, external loudspeaker and PTT.

With enclosed  mike, loudspeaker and PTT. Telescopic Antenna. Wearing harness.


  • 27 MHz, CB band, power 5W RF
  • 6 Channels, with xtals (included)
  • External power supply 12 Vcc

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It's used material selled or swapped from a private, very limited qty, garage sale like!
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