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Used electronic goods, military radio surplus, retrocomputers.
Few items per type, generally one only. Photos of actual items.

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DSP chip 50 Mhz clock, 544 Words of On-Chip Data RAM, 4K Words of On-Chip Program ROM, 64K Words of Data/Program Space on external memory, 32-Bit ALU/Accumulator, 16-Bit Multiplier With a 32-Bit Product Block Moves for Data/Program Management, Repeat Instructions for Efficient Use of Program Space, Serial Port for Direct Codec Interface, Synchronization Input for Synchronous Multiprocessor Configurations, Wait States for Communication to Slow Off-Chip Memories/Peripherals, On-Chip Timer for Control Operations, Single 5-V Supply 68-Pin PLCC

The item offered is USED pulled from working equipment. I don't know if the internal ROM is programmed, but it can be disabled to use external memory

For more info or datasheet, please refer to Texas Instruments site

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It's used material selled or swapped from a private, very limited qty, garage sale like!
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